The Big SIX benefits of Convict Conditioning Workout

convict conditioning workout


  1. My body Gym
  2. Functional training extends your athletic abilities
  3. Your strength Maxima
  4. Strong Joints for life ensures strength and wellness for life.
  5. Physique de perfecto.
  6. Mind|Body tranquillity cuts flab naturally better than pills.


1. My Body Gym

For all the exercises at Convict conditioning workout you need nothing, nothing etc. and mind-body. Yes that’s true you need just yourself to master the art of calisthenics a.k.a bodyweight strength training. Most of the exercises needs just primarily a space enough to cover the stretch of your body, earth beneath your feet, anything you can hang on to perhaps a tree! And lastly your instructor: Convict Conditioning Workout.

Well folks, that also means no expensive gym memberships (basically it’s free!), no investments for heavy equipment, no travelling time (if you are bizzy professional or just lazy to dress up), no special clothing, impossible & intensive dieting (perhaps starving!)  and most importantly no consuming a jargon of supplements. It’s convenient, safe and natural.Max Schank



2. Functional Strength extends your athletic abilities.

Calisthenics targets functional movement of the body. An old lost art of bodyweight training that allows you to bend, push, pull, rise, squat and balance as nature would allow one to. Nature never implied strength as merely one’s ability to move free weights or dumbbells in fact it was never so . It’s the man’s own natural athletic movements he needs to be efficient at such as running, climbing, and power to protect it, push away and pull up the body at; surprisingly it’s been promoted the other way round as we see in the modern gyms today where bench pressing and curls chiefly involves moving external weights.  This old school art practiced by Spartans, one of the deadliest warrior race known to be existed, will yield you supreme strength for life which will make you more sprightly and swift at movements as you train the muscle for own dynamic body movements than just external weights. Read more at Convict Conditioning Workout  –Download now!



3.Your Strength Maxima

Strength is a sync of all muscle strength plus mental focus. Calisthenics become easily the most efficient exercise for the body as it employs a larger muscle group than just individual muscle at specific areas of body hence kick-starting the development from the root such as from nervous system to tendons to joints and then muscles. This unison in the system causes one to build impressive power and strength. Undoubtedly nervous system is the focal point of the strength and power saga, it is the nervous system that naturally resists the employment of multiple muscle groups and plays a decisive factor about the muscle distribution in the body. Calisthenics are tremendously efficient in developing true raw strength as it forces to train the entire body which requires developing nervous power, balance, and essential coordination and obviously muscle strength.


4. Strong Joints for life ensures strength and wellness for life.

No matter how mighty and big muscle you develop over the time, weak or aching joints will give you a painful life. The critical joints of the body are the spine, back, hips, elbows, knees and wrists. These are not naturally designed for heavy weights and curling from day one into gym and can lead to tissue tear, fatigue , calcification or outgrowth build up  over the time causing the joints to be deformed or worn damaged permanently over the time.  This strength has to be induced safely and when performed systematically can gift you a healthy pain free joints forever regardless of the age. Astonishingly, the exercises prescribed in Convict Conditioning gradually strengthen the joints over the period of time in fact healing old injuries allowing you to be as strong and fully functional as ever you could be for as long as you can be in life.


5. Physique de perfecto.

Probably, every man’s dream on the planet is to possess a muscular aesthetically appealing physique. The practise of old school calisthenics outlined in the convict conditioning treatise can help you build muscle optimally by taking the shortest possible route into a natural, perfectly sculpted and pleasing ‘Greek God’ physique which sets the paradigm to many even today. The argument is well proven by the physiques of the gymnasts who train themselves against but one force-‘gravity’.


6. Mind|body tranquillity: the ultimate natural flab devastator-no pills taken.

Can’t stop eating after your training or otherwise? Are the big chiselled smiley faces on the health magazines really happy?  Eat, pray, love proteins can make you round and round if your metabolism is not powerful enough to absorb into muscles during your weight training gigs and can quickly transform into obesity in the long run as you develop certain eating habits. However you might still achieve that weight goal on a deadlift or a bench but think about it, it’s just psychological than physical. But the question you ask is what’s your goal? Either to put together and lift all the weights you can find in the weight room destroying the precious joints , overeating and  ending up like a big fuel propellant tank tied to a space shuttle or to develop a Greek god physic with the rare ability to perform one handstand push up. But yet the heavier you are the more difficult it will becomes. Nevertheless, there is a natural disagreement between obesity and you start to train Convict conditioning workout regularly, your mind unconsciously sets up an trade route between a leaner bodyweight (total body weight minus fat weight) and the training effort (the easier the better) which normalizes appetite and alters eating habits spontaneously .In short could be thought of as the body naturally wants to loose weight to make the workout easier putting you back in your comfort zone. No fat burning product puts bodyweight to cut its own body fat not to mention -No pills taken. Try it to see it. It’s natural, like you cannot ever find an obese tiger or a fat gazelle running in the wild.


  	 Convict Conditioning How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength

Convict Conditioning Workout  – Build Strength for Life

Convict Conditioning presents the reader an advanced version of Calisthenics to maximise full body potential to increase strength and flexibility. Calisthenics is not all about cardio paced pull ups, crunches and pull ups as it is misunderstood but is an ancient art of bodyweight training that carves a perfect physique and at the same time developing great strength.

Convict conditioning workout introduces you to the strength for life! Get your copy today and join the revolution for developing great strength and power at your convenience.

By Jeff Cowan

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Jeff Cowan

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. Started with Convict Conditioning and developed levels of strength which led him to street workouts championships. Jeff writes about everything calisthenics focusing on control development, skill progression as well as injuries (as he got a few). He would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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