Convict Conditioning Training Log

Convict Conditioning Training Log

Convict Conditioning Training Log Review

You hear about people going to jail or serving time in prison all the time on the news. And when you see their mug shot on TV or in the newspaper, they usually fit the profile of your typical thug. And all too often those jailbirds become repeat offenders who cycle through the system, go back to a life of crime, and return to sitting in a cell.

But one guy who was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for dealing drugs decided to use his time as an inmate to change his life. That man is Paul Wade. And instead of beefing up on prison food, fights, and all the hours spent locked up in a small cell, Wade learned to master bodyweight training techniques to develop incredible strength and power.

After being released, he published the book Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness–Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength. And it was so successful, Dragon Door Publishing also worked with Wade to create the spiral-bound companion to the book called the Convict Conditioning Ultimate Bodyweight Training Log.

Watch the video below for a comprehensive look at everything featured in the Convict Conditioning Training Log.


So what is Inside Convict Conditioning Training Log

In the Convict Conditioning Training Log, Wade guides you through his bodyweight training program based on his Big Six moves. These include push-ups, squats, pull-ups, leg raises, bridges, and handstand push-ups. Wade outlines a training program in the Convict Conditioning Training Log based on performing two exercises a day. And it’s customized for any skill level from the beginner who can only do a standing wall push-up, to the person with badass strength and power who can perform the advanced moves like handstand push-ups.

The Convict Conditioning Training Log features more than 100 pages with examples of the Big Six moves, and the 10 variations for each exercise designed to make the move more difficult as you grow stronger through Wades recommended phases of progression.


Convict Conditioning Training

Convict Conditioning Training

Perhaps the most useful feature about the Convict Conditioning Training Log is the amount of ample space to record your workouts, repetitions, and sets for each exercise. This is one element of the Convict Conditioning Training Log that makes the estimated $29.95 price tag worth it. In a University of New Mexico study on exercise and motivation, researchers found that keeping a log of your exercise activities can serve as a valuable tool to help you see your progress and stick with the program. And that’s a mantra Wade repeats in the Convict Conditioning Training Log. In order to build massive power and strength, you have to gradually challenge your muscles and your body and give them time to adjust, adapt, and get stronger.

The Convict Conditioning Training Log also includes worksheets to help you set and record personal goals. And when you reach your goal, you can record your achievement in the log book with the date and number of repetitions of the exercise you were able to perform. While you’re working toward your goal, this feature of the Convict Conditioning Training Log can remind you of what you’re training for.

This is an amazing book! If you are a fan of Convict Conditioning (1 & 2) you need to get this training log. If you are preparing for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification then it’s a must-have!!!

Recording your daily workouts allows you to see your progress from day to day, week to week, and month to month. And if you stick with the program, you’ll experience amazing results like Richie Fruitbat who tracked his progress and went from being sick and malnourished to strong and fit. Watch the video of his six-month transformation here.

Convict conditioning Training

In the Convict Conditioning Training Log, Wade also provides tips on almost every single page to help you get stronger faster. His tips include things like legwork, jumping, shoulder training, handstand techniques, and cross training. The Big Six moves and supplemental exercises featured in his Convict Conditioning Training Log are so critical to building strength and power, they’re moves regularly used by professional athletes in swimming, boxing, rock climbing, yoga, and martial arts.

Wade also provides a brief lesson on human anatomy to help you understand what muscle groups are engaged when you perform the Big Six. And if you stick with the program, use the log to record every workout, and refer back to it often for inspiration and motivation, you will get stronger and build more lean muscle mass through these bodyweight training exercises featured in the Convict Conditioning Training Log.

From the pictures and great design, the words of inspiration and coaching tips from Paul Wade, to goal tracking, progression notes, and more… this is something any serious athlete committed to their development will find enormous benefit in investing in. Who knew that you could get all that (and then some) for a measly $30?

To Sum Up


You don’t have to buy the book and the training log. Everything you need to get started and record your progress is featured in the Convict Conditioning Training Log.


Once you complete an entire cycle, you’ll need to buy a new log book to continue recording your workouts and achievements.

Bottom Line

If you’re a bodyweight training purist, the Convict Conditioning Training Log is a great program to follow. Wade’s Big Six moves and all their variations will give you a kick-ass workout that will help make you lean and strong.


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Convict Conditioning Training Log

Convict Conditioning Training Log


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