Convict Conditioning Results

convict conditioning results

Curious about Convict Conditioning Results?

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Are you interested in Convict Conditioning and wonder if the program works? Its still quite new so there is not many people who actually complete a full convict conditioning program and convict conditioning 2 but you already can find on the internet some really inspiring stories of people who have taken on a challenge of building inhuman strength. Check Out some of them below, get inspired and motivated.

Strength to Endure

Richie Fruitbat Powers Through Six Months of the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program

Bulgarian resident Richie Fruitbat developed Celiac disease at a young age. And his intolerance to all-things gluten made it difficult to eat healthy foods and maintain a healthy weight. He spent years feeling sick, weak, depressed, emaciated, and in pain, and it seemed like he would never get better.


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But he had enough willpower to keep trying. He discovered that eating a fruit-based diet and other gluten-free foods was possible. And to manage the high levels of sugar in many fruits, he took up running to maintain a healthy weight. Running strengthened his legs and lower body muscles and his cardiovascular system. But he knew it wasn’t enough to strengthen and improve the look of his overall body.


Building Strength in the Beginning

When New Year’s Even rolled around on his 37th birthday, Richie decided to do something about it. Instead of waiting for a magical solution to his health and fitnesss, he decided to follow the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program with laser focus and see what he could accomplish.

Convict Conditioning Program

Convict Conditioning Program

“I’ve always been fairly small and weak,” Richie said. “Even runty. I’m tired of walking around looking like a skeleton with a physique that can only be described as incredibly average. I really want to focus on gaining physical strength. And I’m going to follow the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program.”

Richie cut an old curtain rod to fit in his doorway and made some wooden brackets to install a custom-made pull-up bar. And he digested every page of the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program. Paul Wade is a former prisoner who served nearly 20 years in the notorious San Quentin State Prison in California for being a heroin dealer.


Determined to Succeed

Locked up behind bars and fearing for his life on the inside, Paul Wade made it his mission to become as strong as possible by mastering a group of bodyweight exercises he named the Big Six: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, leg raises, bridges, and handstand push-ups. And Riche had a similar goal in mind when he embarked on the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program.

“I really want to build a leaner body,” Riche said. “I want to build the kind of body I should have had in my teens and twenties. I kind of feel like time is of running out for me. I’m a middle-aged guy with an average physique, and if I don’t get a Bruce Lee body soon, I feel like I’m going to be over the hill. That might sound a bit irrational, but age has a way of making you realize that you don’t have time to put stuff off.”

So Richie didn’t waste any time getting started with the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program. But it wasn’t easy. He was too weak to perform many of the traditional Big Six exercises, so he had to begin with easier variations of the Big Six to begin building muscle strength and endurance. His commitment to running did pay off though, and performing the standard body weight squats were easy.

“My upper body is the place where I need to gain the most strength,” Richie said. “And I’m expecting that to take a while. I am probably going to progress through the squat series with the most ease, because I started at Progression Stage 6 or 7. I’m going to take my time going through each progression stage to get everything I can out of them. And so far, it feels really good. The reps are high in the early stages, and I’ve been able to feel the burn. So far I feel like I’m getting exactly what Paul Wade says in the book, and I’ve been following his advice to ‘Leave some strength in the bank for next time.’”


Results Provide Motivation

In the first few weeks of the program, Richie was only strong enough to perform the simplest variations of the Big Six, except for squats. He did wall push-ups. He performed assisted pull-ups. He did leg extensions while sitting in a chair. He did short bridges and wall-assisted headstands. And he was already strong enough to perform bodyweight squats. He was willing to pay the price to get stronger and build a better body, and progress to the more advanced versions of the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning exercises.

“I’m finding my clothes are getting too tight on my upper body, by how my clothes fit,” Richie said. “My arms have gotten bigger, and I’m a bit bigger around the chest. I’m sure I’m going to need some new shirts by the time I’m done with this program. I’m doing this to get more functional strength and flexibility, but I’ve also started to notice that this program is having an impact on my physique too.”


Success After Six Months of Commitment

After six months, Riche reached the advanced stages of the Big Six exercises featured in the Paul Wade Convict Conditioning Program. Of the 10 progression stages for each exercise, Richie began at level 1 for most of the Big Six. But after six months of dedication to the program, he reached progression stages 6 or 7 for most of the exercises.

He’s strong enough to do lying bent-knee leg raises, full push-ups, jackknife pull-ups, and one-legged squats. And he’s even moved on to advanced bridges and building strength to do handstand push-ups. Recording his progress along the way has provided motivation to continue, and so have the gains he’s made in muscle strength, grip strength, endurance, and his physique.

“I still wake up every morning and look forward to my exercises,” Richie said. “I’m still excited to see how far I can push myself. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with any kind of strength training program. And it works. If you literally show up and do your sets, you will make gains.”
  	 Convict Conditioning How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength

Convict Conditioning Workout  – Build Strength for Life

Convict Conditioning presents the reader an advanced version of Calisthenics to maximise full body potential to increase strength and flexibility. Calisthenics is not all about cardio paced pull ups, crunches and pull ups as it is misunderstood but is an ancient art of bodyweight training that carves a perfect physique and at the same time developing great strength.

Convict conditioning workout introduces you to the strength for life! Get your copy today and join the revolution for developing great strength and power at your convenience.

By Jeff Cowan

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