A Strength For Life – Convict Conditioning Paul Wade

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A Strength For Life – Convict Conditioning Paul Wade

Paul Wade Convict Conditioning is a structured body weight training which enables you to build a tremendous strength with no equipment or diet needed. The greatest wealth of a man is his health , this health allows one to do all your activities every day after day ,hence, a  “freedom of health”  will allow one  to  reach out anything in life irrespective of your body structure you were born with or the one  possessed today while you read this . This means the strength and power for survival. How to achieve that? During old times there were no gyms and supplements yet tribes like Spartacus, Roman Gladiators and  Spartans were able to build tremendous strength. Convict Conditioning Training enables you to develop the same powers in the most natural and ways so you can stay strong for a lifetime. Read on to learn why it’s the most powerful bodyweight training on earth and why you should start it now.

Over the centuries mankind has faced the challenges from environmental changes, animal predators and protection of human territories. The most important factors for the survival were intelligence, strong health and power for a man. Man trained for this strength and power over the hundreds of years in presence of different forms of resistances. Bodyweight, the most perfect naturally available form of resistance uniquely gifted to all individuals was used to train for strength and power for survival. From a busy modern city life to the toughest conditions nature may present, freedom of health is the basic need of a human being to survive. Deep within, the man and nature bond inside me instinctively suggests that it must be possible to achieve this level of strength naturally irrespective of the situation or lifestyle whether life in high tech city or on a tree house in the jungle. The question is how?

One must be able to cultivate this personal health freedom against all odds in any situation regardless of exercise equipment or a large gym. And convict conditioning teaches us the art of living this dream and enjoying the freedom which no one can reward you, the natural way. The freedom of health is yours and only you should be able to work for it by mastering own bodyweight as the ultimate resistance.

Nature defined physique- why bodyweight training works

The way you hold yourself, bend, lift, balance as nature would allow a human body to be could be achieved and this being achieved ONLY by using a modern gym is a myth. There are no boundaries for realising a strong healthy physic like special machinery, plethora of shakes & drugs or some expensive training gear.  To achieve humongous power you need to unlock the true body potential, transcending the body to do better each time than the best it can be. Crossing the limits each time and setting new every time, that’s growth right through your tendons and joints inside you not limited just by the outer muscle structure. Paul Wade Convict Conditioning holds your hand and drives you through this traditional technique of calisthenics which faded away in the sands of time.

The man walking off a gym with bulky strong chiselled structure accepted widely as “strong” is what is perceived by us may be because of the TV commercials, novelty gimmicks or great marketing of exercise equipment manufactures perhaps. But can a man of such a stature do one leg squat with his butt almost kissing the floor without snapping any muscle tissue or standing/walking on his arms effortlessly or falling down to do proper one arm push ups or maybe be able to do all that plus manage to bridge backwards to the floor as nature would allow an human body to.

Is strong really strong?

Probably, almost nil. The definition of strong?
The fitness folks in the past which had giant strength adopted calisthenics as their principal

strength training system and also used it to forge powerful warriors; otherwise perhaps we must have missed the huge “Greek gods” statues seen today! However, Spartan king Leonidas and group of Spartans who had faith in calisthenics was perhaps the toughest warrior race of all times and they must be laughing out loud at the modern gymmers paying for ultra-expensive memberships, using  the conventional equipment and steroids to call themselves strong.

  	 Convict Conditioning How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength

Paul Wade Convict Conditioning – Build Strength for Life

Paul Wade Convict Conditioning presents the reader an advanced version of Calisthenics to maximise full body potential to increase strength and flexibility. Calisthenics is not all about cardio paced pull ups, crunches and pull ups as it is misunderstood but is an ancient art of bodyweight training that carves a perfect physique and at the same time developing great strength.

Paul Wade Convict conditioning introduces you to the strength of life! Get your copy today and join the revolution for developing great strength and power at your convenience.

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Jeff Cowan

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. Started with Convict Conditioning and developed levels of strength which led him to street workouts championships. Jeff writes about everything calisthenics focusing on control development, skill progression as well as injuries (as he got a few). He would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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