Convict Conditioning 2 eBook & Paper Back



Convict Conditioning 2 eBook

Prequel to the original Convict Conditioning comes an ultimate Advanced Trainer for   for Muscle Gain , Fat Loss and Bulletproof Chiseled Abs.

No Brainer , just simple common sense ! Try the “Coach’s” minimalist approach to strengthen our bodies with simple movements that work the entire body and improve balance and posture.  Discover how to work smaller yet  vital areas like wrists, forearms, neck and calves in highly effective workouts. Melt away body fat with Calisthenics training that compliments fat loss making your natural leaner! Read more how!

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Convict Conditioning 2

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Jeff Cowan

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. Started with Convict Conditioning and developed levels of strength which led him to street workouts championships. Jeff writes about everything calisthenics focusing on control development, skill progression as well as injuries (as he got a few). He would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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