What is Convict Conditioning 2


Convict Conditioning 2


Advanced Prison Training Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss and Bulletproof Abs

By Paul “Coach” Wade

Later to the incredibly successful “Convict Conditioning, How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength” comes another astounding Ultimate resistance training technique with the ultimate resistance being our own bodies. In this sequel, Convict Conditioning 2, Coach Wade journeys into even greater depths this time about exploring the ultimate resistance tool (-bodyweight).This book circumscribes an amazing understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, he goes on to explain in  very simplicity how to work the smaller but just as important areas of the body such as the hands and forearms, neck and calves and obliques in serious functional ways.

The book draws a great deal of attention how  exactly the body works and how the simplistic exercises that contradict the system yet uncovers the quickest way to hit those targets to climb up the stairs of supreme strength. The author teaches a lesson in strengthening our bodies and also balancing them at the same time, his simple exercises are no brainer and work the entire body, and in fact man has known them for generations now.

The “Coach” is in receipt of the knowledge he manifests in Convict Conditioning series the hard earned way and conveys the same with remarkably clear precision. Hence, the reader encounters from time to time the deeper insights and advises in the book which proliferates throughout the entire Convict Conditioning 2. But what Coach Wade does better than any before him is his unbelievable progressions on every exercise and stretch. He simplifies things down and tells you exactly how to proceed to get to whatever level of strength and development you want and gives you the exact metrics you need to know when to go to the next level.

You might be also interested in the original Convict Conditioning, How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength.

By Jeff Cowan

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Jeff Cowan

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. Started with Convict Conditioning and developed levels of strength which led him to street workouts championships. Jeff writes about everything calisthenics focusing on control development, skill progression as well as injuries (as he got a few). He would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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