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How to improve endurance while training Convict Conditioning style?

 How can I improve my cardiovascular endurance when Convict Conditioning is based on building muscle strength? – I often get asked.  You want to be lean and mean, right. Think about that for a minute from Paul Wade’s perspective on

New Book from Paul Wade C MAS


And we have a new incredible book from Coach Paul Wade: Paul Wade C MAS. Calisthenics Mass: How To Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training – sounds promising ha? And it is indeed incredible. This book is all about adding

What Do You Want from your Convict Conditioning routine?


The central question behind any workout plan is this: What do you want out of your training? Is your goal to gain muscle mass and definition? Perhaps you’re mainly looking to lose some stubborn body fat and hope Convict Conditioning

Convict Conditioning Results

convict conditioning results

Curious about Convict Conditioning Results? Here you go! Are you interested in Convict Conditioning and wonder if the program works? Its still quite new so there is not many people who actually complete a full convict conditioning program and convict

The Big SIX benefits of Convict Conditioning Workout

convict conditioning workout

   My body Gym Functional training extends your athletic abilities Your strength Maxima Strong Joints for life ensures strength and wellness for life. Physique de perfecto. Mind|Body tranquillity cuts flab naturally better than pills.   1. My Body Gym For

A Strength For Life – Convict Conditioning Paul Wade

Convict Conditioning Book

A Strength For Life – Convict Conditioning Paul Wade Paul Wade Convict Conditioning is a structured body weight training which enables you to build a tremendous strength with no equipment or diet needed. The greatest wealth of a man is his health ,

Welcome to Convict Conditioning Program

Welcome to Convict Conditioning Program ultimate guide to the best bodyweight training on earth We are extremely excited to announce the launch of convict conditioning program. We are a group of people passionate about calisthenics and body weight training.Most of us is full on