About Us

We are a bunch of friends, a mixture of trainers, parkour enthusiasts, gymnasts, crossfitters and just averages Joes who have one thing in common – a passion for developing amazing strength naturally.  We have put away expensive supplements and gym equipment to build something much more valuable than visible muscles – to tap into our internal strength with patience, determination and resilience.

We all at some point stumbled upon Convict Conditioning and for many of us thats how the journey started. And since then we follow the protocols from Paul Wade, constantly learning, advancing and adding our own variations.

We set up this site as we were missing a single place with an active community to share our experiences, ask questions, gather resources and support each others.

We are at the early stages with this site, but we would like it to become a gateway for everybody who is thinking about starting CC and all those who are well on their way.

In all this we need your help and support. Talk to us what you would like to see here, what are you missing, what problems are you experiencing and contribute to the discussions (Forum coming soon).


Doing CC? Want to share your knowledge and insights?

We are looking for you!

If you are a trainer, crazy about calisthenics, street workout or you just share our passion for developing natural strength and want to share some knowledge and lessons learnt – we would love to hear from you! Write an article, become a contributor, help us spread the word.


Just flick an email to Jeff at jeffcowancc@gmail.com (We need to get Jff CC email haha).


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Jeff Cowan

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. Started with Convict Conditioning and developed levels of strength which led him to street workouts championships. Jeff writes about everything calisthenics focusing on control development, skill progression as well as injuries (as he got a few). He would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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