Power of Patience

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We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t, you will. I’m talking about failure, or the inability to squeeze out just one more rep. We might kid ourselves for a little bit and say, “OK, so my chin didn’t QUITE

Convict Conditioning Diet –4 Principles toward a Strong, Healthy You

convict conditioning diet

I’m guessing you’re reading this post because you’re attracted to Convict Conditioning’s simple philosophies on how to get in the best shape of your life. You’re a “back to basics” sort of person whose goal is to gain a naturally

Why are one arm pull ups so damn hard?

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If you’re been munching on potato chips, soft drinks, and other junk watching late-night TV infomercials of all those fly-by-night fitness products and programs, you’ve probably seen some ripped dude hammering out pull-ups about as easy as popping another chip

What Do You Want?


The central question behind any workout plan is this: What do you want out of your training? Is your goal to gain muscle mass and definition? Perhaps you’re mainly looking to lose some stubborn body fat and hope Convict Conditioning

Is the One-Arm Handstand Push-Up really even possible?

convict conditioning one arm handstand pushup

Make no mistake. The One-Arm Handstand Push-Up is possible. But it even took the mastermind behind Convict Conditioning years to master. Paul Wade spent 19 years in prison, and early on set out to develop superhuman strength through bodyweight training.

Quick and Easy Convict Conditioning Warm Up Sets

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To Skip or Not to Skip Convict Conditioning Warm Up Sets: That is the Question It doesn’t matter whether it’s a gym workout, a martial arts class, or an in-home calisthenics training session. The question on many an athlete’s mind

Mastering Crow Stand -Your Gateway to HandStand Pushup

convict conditioning crow stand

What are some ways I can improve my Crow Stand? If you’re new to Convict Conditioning, you’re probably like most of us who still marvel at the level of strength Paul Wade was able to achieve. But his level of

Mastering the Horizontal Pull – What to do to keep progressing

  Who would’ve thought that a major sticking point for CC practitioners could happen so early on during training? I’m talking, of course, about step 2 of the pull-up routine, or what perhaps some of you might think of as

How to Incorporate more Movement into your Workday, and Why you should do it


So you’ve started Convict Conditioning and feel well on your way to making impressive strength, mobility and even cardio gains – congratulations! Perhaps you dove right into the workouts, feeling excited about Coach Paul Wade’s promise that these bodyweight workouts

How to Choose the Right Pull-Up Bar – The Ultimate Guide

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As home exercise programs become more and more popular, the availability of home exercise equipment grows along with it. From push-up stands to grip training devices to an endless assortment of ab workout machines, it’s easy for the average person